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Why choose us?

BKtech’s solutions for sustainable energy production are developed in close collaboration with the industry, with the goal to reduce costs for customers. We do this by optimising the process and switching from fossil fuels to bioenergy efficiently. Our offer is to provide design, construction, engineering of industrial and energy facilities, service, maintenance, operation, and the supply of fuel pellets.

Biofuel for a better future

Our pellet production is one of the unique parts of BKtech. To be able to provide high quality bio energy to the burners and boilers, will guarantee a solution that matches our vision to reduce the impact on the climate in industrial processes.

Created by storm Gudrun
and common sense.

Just over ten years ago, in the aftermath of storm Gudrun, the foundation was laid for what we now know as BKtech. Where others saw a disaster, we saw an opportunity.

When hectares of storm-felled forest was turned into timber, and the timber stores were full, we had the idea to make pellets from what was left. As we learned more about pellets, we began to understand the importance of the boiler for energy efficiency. From there, it was only a small step to develop comprehensive solutions for long term sustainable energy production with biofuels.

Today, the business has expanded to a group of four companies with a focus on energy conversion in industries.

Our philosophy

“BKtech is one of the market leaders in energy conversion. We strive to create maximum value for our customers and the environment. Our projects contribute to society through secure energy resources, reduced climate impact, and improved energy efficiency.”

Building The Future With Good Energy