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Core Values

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Environment & Quality

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Code of Conduct

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Our business principles


We are a reliable and responsible group that lives up to its commitments. We believe in long term business relationships where we, together with our business partners, create a basis for strong financial results, consideration for the environment, and a social commitment. We inform our stakeholders about our Code of Conduct as a natural part of our relationship.

Laws and regulations

In the countries where we conduct business, the laws and regulations of each country are followed. We respect and comply with competition rules, environmental legislation, labour laws, agreements, and other regulations that affect our operations.

Personal interests

Our employees avoid situations where their personal or financial interests may be conflicted with BKtech Group. In cases there is a risk of such a conflict of interest, the employee must report this to the immediate superior head of handling the case.


In instances where we sponsor activities, they primarily benefit our business or company. The sponsorship must comply with the rules that have been established in the decision and certification procedure. Contributions to charity can only be decided by our CEO.

Neutrality and openness

We strive for open communication with our stakeholders within the framework of the preservation of trade secrets. BKtech Group takes a neutral position on the issue of political parties and candidates. Neither the Group’s company name nor the Group’s assets may be used to promote such interests.

Human rights and working conditions

Human Rights

We respect international human rights conventions. We support and respect fundamental human rights in our business. We do not tolerate, under any circumstances, child labour or work performed through coercion or threats of violence.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Our group recruits and provides employees with equal opportunities and treatment regardless of gender, marital status, ethnic or national affiliation, sexual orientation, transgender identity, race, religion, political opinion, age, or disability. The employee’s competence is fundamental to the individual’s development opportunity within the Group.

Working conditions

The working conditions are designed in such a way that the risk of work injury to an employee or other personnel involved in our operations must have a zero vision. All employees and other staff involved in the business always have the right to stop their work if there is a risk of personal injury.