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Through continuous improvements, responsibility, and preventive measures, we reduce the environmental impact in facilities, products, and services, as far as is technically possible and economically reasonable.

Our environmental work:

  • Minimize the use of energy and natural resources
  • Focus on source sorting and recycling
  • Comply with laws and regulations in the environmental field
  • Optimise internal and external logistics
  • Information and training for employees
  • Reduce the use of emissions of hazardous substances/materials
  • Continuously work to detect and prevent environmental risks
  • Develop products that contribute to positive environmental effects in the local area and the outside world


Our products, services, and solutions must meet our customer’s and other stakeholders’ requirements and expectations. This includes reliability, security, quality, environment, and integrity. The guiding star in our processes is continuous improvements.

This will be achieved by:

  • A goal oriented business under continuous development
  • Good relationships with business partners and other relevant stakeholders
  • Fulfillment of the requirements and expectations placed on us
  • Immediate action for internally discovered deficiencies
  • Competent, motivated, and reliable employees


The work environment at BKtech is a strategic issue that affects both our safety and competitiveness. Through a decent work environment, the goals of the business can be met. Employees will stay and we can recruit new team members. We see the work environment as an investment to achieve high job satisfaction and motivation among employees.

At BKtech we work systematically to embed these policies into the business. Prevention and early intervention eliminate risks of bad health or accidents and they are the most important parts of our work environment.

We have built the environment on current legislation, industry agreements, and our internal requirements. However, we strive for continuous improvements in the work environment and the business itself.

The overall goal for the Group is to create and maintain a good working environment. It must be both safe and supportive for the individual employee. Every employee should enjoy their work.