Application dates for Klimatklivet 2021

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has decided on the following application dates for Klimatklivet 2021.

18 januari – 29 januari

13 april – 27 april

24 augusti – 9 september

8 november – 18 november

Klimatklivet – what is it?

Klimatklivet is an investment aid that businesses who reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the local and regional levels in Sweden can apply for.

The invested funds must enable the largest possible emission reduction per invested Swedish Krona.

Dissemination of technology, introduction to the market, and positive impacts on other environmental objectives, health, and employment are other desired effects of the support.

We can help with the application


We can help you find out if you are entitled to investment aid from Klimatklivet.

We can also help you with the application itself. We have extensive experience in this process and have helped customers in various industries with the application.

Contact us if you would like to know more!

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