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Wood pellets are a future-proof energy alternative for heating plants, industries, properties, and other energy-intensive facilities.

We can offer bulk deliveries from our facilities in Böta Kvarn and Norrköping according to your wishes and needs.

Please contact us for more information and a quote.



Peter Rylander – CEO


(+46) 76-392 64 64


Mickael Sjögren – Siter Manager


(+46) 73-333 66 33


Johnny Björk – Production Manager


(+46) 73-810 01 26


Transport / Unloading

Our delivery team uses environmentally classified vehicles that are equipped to handle fuel pellets. The pellets are unloaded according to our instructions to ensure high quality.

The geographical location of our factories gives us a unique opportunity for resource-efficient logistics management with minimal environmental impact per delivered metric ton.

Delivery location

Our delivery area is Blekinge, Småland, Östergötland, and parts of Sörmland, Sweden. Delivery locations may differ. Contact us for more information.


Our pellets

We manufacture our cutter shaving pellets exclusively from spruce and pine. As we only use cutter chips, we do not need to dry the raw material, which means we save energy. In the manufacturing process, we add starch to make the pellets solid. The end product is a high-quality pellet with properties that ensure high efficiency, trouble-free operation, and minimal residual products.

Technical specification

Our pellets are manufactured in accordance with SS-EN ISO 17225-2 A1

Density: ≈ 680kg / m³

Energy content: 4.8 kWh / kg

Moisture content: ≤ 10%

Ash content: ≤ 0.3% by weight

Additives: starch

Size: Ø 8mm – length max 4 x Ø