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Normal delivery times

Normal delivery time is within 10 working days for orders that have been approved and processed on weekdays before 12.00 midday. The order day is counted as day 0. Delivery takes place between 06.00-22.00. Delivery can take place on Saturdays and public holidays if the supplier decides.

In the case of temporarily extended delivery times, the normal conditions do not apply and compensation for late delivery will not occur.

Payment Method


An invoice will be sent to you via post or by e-mail. The invoice must be paid within 20 days from the invoice date.

If payment is not made and we have to send a reminder, a reminder fee of SEK 60 will be added.


Notice of Delivery

From the time the order is placed, notification can take place. Notification is included with all bulk deliveries.


Terms of Delivery – bulk

General terms:

For bulk deliveries, the ordered quantity is delivered +/- 10% according to the supplier, provided that there is space in the warehouse.

Upon delivery to PelliStore PCS, Böta Kvarn Fuel Pellets disclaims all liability for damage that occurs in storage. Böta Kvarn Fuel Pellets takes no responsibility for possible moles, which must be removed on the day of delivery.


The responsibility of the customer when receiving bulk deliveries

• the item from the recipient’s bulk connector
• that the product is stored in designated storage
• that the storage and reception area are prepared to receive the order at the appropriate delivery time
• the accessibility to the unloading point where the road has a width of at least 3.5 meters, clear height 4.5 meters (including branch and foilage) and load-bearing capacity for heavy trucks (10 metric tones), cleared of snow and sand.
• that the entrance to the supply pipe is cleared of snow and sand
• that the silo is dimensioned and adapted according to AFS 2002: 1 2005: 2 2005: 3 for receiving bulk pellets via pneumatic transport
• that a relief valve must be fitted, which by law must be located in a classified low-pressure silo
• deviations and / or negligence from the above points constitute grounds for exemption from liability held against the supplier
• the supplier also has the right to refuse delivery when the above points are not met in parts and / or otherwise assessed as deficient
• and is equipped with a well-functioning overfill alarm with sound or light signal alarm. Non-functioning overfill alarms are the sole responsibility of the recipient
• that the storage is adapted for receiving pellets. NOTE no plastic pipes. There must be vent pipes of at least Ø> 200 mm or an equivalent area
• that the supply pipe is mounted outdoors, easily accessible to the driver and well marked with name and address
• that the bulk coupling with Ø 102 mm (“4-inch”) male coupling is permanently mounted
• that a coupling for horizontal mounting may be at a maximum height of 1.5 meters, min 0.1 meters
• for vertical mounting, maximum height 1.5 meters, min 0.8 meters
• when using a dust filter, always make sure that it is well cleaned, correctly dimensioned, dry and assembled before each delivery
• the store should be cleaned regularly before refilling

If the recipient / customer does not meet the above conditions for delivery, the recipient / customer cannot make a delay or defect in the product. The supplier also has the right to refuse delivery.

If delivery takes place, the supplier has the right to charge the recipient / customer the additional costs incurred with the addition of 10%.


Suppliers responsibility

• that the ordered quantity to the right quality (SS-EN ISO 17225-2: 2014, A1) is delivered on time in accordance with these delivery terms
• the product up to the recipient / customer’s bulk connection
• that a delivery note or weighing receipt is submitted to the recipient / customer

The supplier’s responsibility for the quality, including the proportion of fine parts, presupposes that the length of the hose does not exceed 25 meters and that the recipient / customer fulfills the above conditions for delivery.


Pellets in bags

Böta Kvarn Fuel pellets use plastic bags that are loaded on to pallets. The weight per bag is about 16 kg, and per pallet about 832 kg. Böta Kvarn Fuel pellets use disposable pallets that are not part of a return system. Subject to changed conditions for packaging. The pallets are delivered by truck equipped with a truck.


Terms of delivery – pallets of small bags


The customer’s responsibility for the delivery of small bags on pallets

The delivery location must be marked and ready for delivery from the order date. A sign for marking the delivery location can be downloaded from our website.

The delivery of goods is the Supplier’s responsibility to outdoor storage areas only. The customer / recipient is responsible for any damage caused by other installation, in garages, storage or the like. Consequently, the Supplier has no liability for such damage.

Pellets must be stored dry as the product has a high absorption capacity of moisture from the environment. Damp environment causes decomposition of the product. Unbroken pallet can be stored outdoors for a shorter time if it is protected from moisture and condensation.

The responsibility for the product after delivery passes to the recipient. Accessibility must be good, as the distribution is carried out by large heavy vehicles. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the access to the delivery point has a road width of at least 3.5 m with a clear height of 4.5 m (including branches and foliage) and has a load capacity for heavy trucks. In winter, the approach must be cleared of snow and sand. As far as possible, risks must be eliminated to give the driver a safe working situation.

The supplier’s responsibility

  • that ordered quantity to the right quality, according to Swedish Standard SSEN ISO 17225-2: 2014, A1
    the product until it is unloaded outdoors at the recipient / customer
    that the delivery note is left with the recipient / customer


    The supplier’s responsibility for the quality presupposes that the recipient / customer fulfills the above conditions for the delivery.


The supplier has the right to refuse delivery if there is a risk of damage to equipment, property or a risk of an accident. It is the responsibility of the supplier to deliver to outdoor storage areas only. The recipient / customer is responsible for any damage that occurrs during movement, in storage etc. Consequently, the supplier has no liability for such damage.


Services & fees (incl. VAT)

Costs incurred after ordering may be charged separately.


Delivery to special areas

For deliveries where there are additional costs such as congestion charges or ferry charges, the customer is charged these costs.


Hose over 20 meters

Debit SEK 250 incl. VAT / delivery time.


Order not received/ accepted

The customer is charged the cost of transport and handling.


If ordered goods do not fit in the bulk storage

The customer is charged SEK 625 / occasion, as well as the actual cost for transport and handling.


Delay caused by the customer

If the customer causes a delay in delivery, e.g. extra time for a bulk car, SEK 375 / occasion will be charged as well as the actual cost for transport and handling.


Delivery Reorganisations

Once the delivery has been agreed, if the customer chooses to forgo delivery on the planned day, 10 new working days apply for delivery. The customer will be charged SEK 375 / occasion.


Claims and Complaints

In the event of a complaint, the customer must contact the supplier within a reasonable time – normally 14 days – after the recipient / customer has received the order and noticed the defect. The supplier’s liability is limited to a corresponding degree. The complaint must be made in writing via the supplier’s designated form. If the quality of the product is questioned, the customer must give the supplier the opportunity to take samples of the product. Used goods or consequential problems are not reimbursed. Errors regarding fractures and crumbling exist if the fine fraction exceeds four (4)% by weight, test method according to Swedish Standard SS-EN ISO17225-2: 2014, at several randomly taken samples in the storage. The handling of complaints is applied in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act. To read about the rules that apply within the framework of this law, we refer you to the Swedish Consumer Agency.


If you have purchased via invoice and your return / complaint takes longer, you must still pay your invoice before it’s due date. We will refund you as soon as we have processed your return / complaint.


Right of withdrawal / Cancellation

Böta Kvarn Bränslepellets AB applies the Consumer Purchase Act (SFS 1990: 932) and the Distance Contracts Act to consumers. In the case of distance purchases (e.g. email, telephone, fax, web shop), the recipient / customer has the right to cancel their purchase within 14 days of receiving the item. When invoking the right of withdrawal, the recipient / customer is responsible for the return shipping and the product is returned in the same condition. The right of withdrawal can be exercised against Böta Kvarn Bränslepellets AB. Before returning, customer service must be contacted on 010-207 08 48.